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The #1 all natural 3 to 5 day cure for Heartburn, Acid Reflux or Gerd on the web.

Are You Living With Heart Burn, Reflux, or
G.E.R.D. ? And You'd Like To Cure Them Permanently?
Without Drugs, Surgery or special Diets

Find Out How To Cure Them Now


If you've been searching for a drug free, fast, and "all natural" cure for your problems such as heartburn, acid reflux or Gerd. Then take a couple of minutes to read this page because it will change your you 1000's of dollars...and explain exactly why you experience them and protect your health at the same time!

Heartburn and acid reflux are not diseases that require expensive surgery or drugs for the rest of your life!

Regardless of what anyone has told you, there really is a natural cure to stop all the problems that you have been experiencing! Throw away your drugs...Reclaim your health within 3 to 5 days safely, naturally even if you are on any other medications, and kiss your heartburn, gerd or any other digestive problems goodbye. Forever!

I will show you exactly "what works", "what is safe " and "what is effective" in treating your heartburn problems. You will have complete success in curing your heartburn or acid reflux problems. Many people have been looking for this drug-free, diet free solution for a long time and the good news is you have found it!

Whether you are young , or old, a long time sufferer, a recent sufferer or pregnant. It has worked for 1,000's of people who suffer just like you. Its All Natural its Safe. and I guarantee it.

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My name is William Lagadyn...and I am a medical researcher of  Digestive Disorders", and author of the #1 best selling heartburn book, "Cure Your Heartburn" I was also a long time sufferer just like you .

Being a heartburn sufferer and plagued with this condition for years, including the flare-ups, trips to the doctor, prescription medications, over the counter pills and hours of painful misery, That almost drove me crazy!   At times some of the symptoms would be burning, or bloating, or diarrhea, or belching, or acid taste, or sore throat, or difficulty swallowing or chest pressure and pain. Sound familiar?

Finally after almost 3 years of searching and self-inflicted pain,(from trying many different so called remedies) an unusual discovery happened one day and it was like a light bulb going off in my head. Was this the answer I had been looking for? Could it really be this simple? Is it a permanent solution? Well as it turns out the answer really was so simple that a child could do it. And yes it is permanent!

The discovery was a remarkable, safe, effective and natural way to cure my heartburn woes, and life has been good ever since! No heartburn! no pain, no burning, and no more problems!

Over the last 25 years I have been helping people just like you cure their heartburn, acid reflux, and gerd and other digestive problems without the use of harmful drugs, herbs, or some crazy diet that is impossible to follow for the rest of your life.

In 2003 I went on line to help the many other sufferers around the world understand the "real reasons" why they experience reflux problems and...just how simple it is to correct them, and live pain-free lives again...without drugs!.

Even doctors and other health professionals have come to me for vital information they were never taught in medical school. And I'm proud to say that some of them are now using this new found knowledge that I discovered, to treat their patients without medication.

When people experience heartburn what do they do? They take a little pill and it clears up! Right?  Sorry that's Wrong! You just treated the symptoms, but the problem is still there. Unless you treat the root or underlying cause of your heartburn troubles you will still have them. You have not solved the problem.

It's still there, just waiting, until conditions are right for another flare-up, and more pain.

Most people are not aware of the damage that chronic heartburn or reflux really can do. Many people become so accustomed to their symptoms they think it is just simply a part of growing older, so they continue to treat their problems the way they always have. Sadly, drugs become a part of their daily routine, when it really doesn't have to be that way!

Some Quick Fixes

If you are suffering right now" give these a try. They are not the answers that you are looking for to solve your problems permanently, but they do bring some relief...

Chewing gum will stimulate the salivary glands which produce saliva and saliva will reduce acidity by up to 50%.

If you are experiencing chest pains fill your mouth with saliva and then swallow it. Repeat this three or four times and the chest pain and discomfort will diminish, because you are neutralizing the acidic gases present in your esophagus.Try it, It works!

The juice from eating either apples or carrots, contain malic and tartaric acid which can help neutralize stomach acids. (much like antacids do).

None of these things are a permanent solution because they all address the symptoms and not the actual problem. And if you don't address the root cause or causes, you will continue to suffer needlessly. Why Suffer When You Don't Have To?

Did You Know?

Conditions You Can Change

And you really should because you don't want them to get any worse...I'm certainly not saying this to scare you, I just want you to know that "you really can" change the conditions quite easily and once you change them, your pain and discomfort will be gone forever. Isn't that better than just masking the symptoms? And throwing your money away?

I'm sure you've been spending money for all kinds of heartburn medications to control your symptoms, but have you actually found a cure with these products? Or are you just masking and covering up your symptoms?

You can keep doing what your doing right now to find relief, but besides being expensive, some of those pricey pills you keep popping are not as safe as you think they are. And the side effects are not that pleasant, Are they ?

Sure, antacids might make you feel better for a little while but antacids again, only mask the symptoms and don't correct the root cause. Plus they are not recommended to take for a long time because they can have serious side effects besides taking your money.

Even Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI'S) the little pills that stop acid production, are only to be taken for a couple of weeks, according to the package inserts, the drug companies stick in the box. If they are so darn safe why do they suggest we only use them for such a short period of time? Covering their butts... maybe?

Researchers tell us that PPI drugs have been linked to Osteoporosis. "Now there's a side effect you definitely don't want! ".


How Does The
digestive system Work

picture of the stomach

When you put food in your mouth and start to chew, the chewing stimulates the salivary glands to produce saliva. The saliva then mixes with the food and helps to extract the vitimans and minerals which you need to replenish your body

Saliva not only makes it easier to swallow your food, but the saliva also helps neultralize the acid in your esophagus by up to 50%.

Once the food enters your esophagus it is forced down toward your stomach by "peristalsis", which is a wavy squeezing motion, intended to move the food along!

It is important to note: that when the food is being forced down toward your stomach, the esophagus remains tight around the food as the "peristalsis" squeezes and pushes the food down your food tube.

You probably didn't know this but when you swallow, if there are little bits of food that have not been completely chewed, they will actually scratch and damage the delicate cells of the esophagus.

This damage is usually in the form of tiny cuts or lesions and when acidic beverages like tomato or orange juice come in contact with this damage you will experience pain or a burning sensation in the chest area. Alcohol and spicy foods are also a no-no for many sufferers. Because the stomach gases are also acidic. It's much like spilling acidic vinegar on a will cause you pain!

Once the food reaches the end of your esophagus it is forced through the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) and then into your stomach. Improperly chewed-up food can actually scratch and damage the (LES), as it is being squeezed through the valve.

This can cause the (LES) to become swollen, and once it is swollen it will fail to close properly. If your (LES) valve is not closing properly, and tightly sealed, the acidic stomach gases can seep past the valve and reflux into your esophagus.


Why You Get
Heartburn or Acid Reflux.

What Causes You to reflux?

The dictionary defines reflux as a "backward flow" which would mean that, belching or vomiting would be considered reflux. Which they are! But in order to understand what causes reflux in the first place, we have to have a look at the stomach.

Your Stomach

Your stomach is a kidney shaped organ that lies between the bottom end of your esophagus and your duodenum.

The contents of the stomach include gastric juices and hydrochloric acid which are kept contained in your stomach, by the tightly closed (LES) valve.The valve only opens to allow food to enter your stomach, unless you vomit.

And then the (LES) valve opens...and your "peristalsis" is reversed, sending the liquid contents of the stomach up your esophagus and out your mouth. Yuck!...Tastes terrible when it happens, doesn't it?

Above the liquid acidic contents in your stomach lie the stomach gases, which are also very acidic. Did you know that the contents of your stomach are under pressure and when your stomach pressure is increased for whatever reason, the increase in pressure will override your (LES) valve, forcing it open, and allowing your acidic stomach gases to reflux into your esophagus.

The majority of time when you burp it is your stomach gases not the actual liquid contents, but you already know that...because you've been burping since you've been a baby.

When stomach gases are refluxing into your esophagus they are also building up pressure causing the esophagus to expand and that's why you feel chest pressure. Sometimes you may feel a small lump in your throat near your Adam's Apple. This is called " Globus Sensation" and is usually relieved once we burp and expel the gases.

Try drinking a glass of water it will force the gases back into your stomach. Or drink a little ginger ale to expel the gas. That will give you some relief for a little while, however you will reflux again and again until you fix the underlying problem.

Burping is a normal function of the human body and it not only relieves stomach and chest pressure, it also disperses the gases that were in your esophagus. However excessive burping is not normal and is an indication there is something wrong that is causing your stomach pressure to increase in the first place.

What Causes Your
Stomach Pressure To Increase?

Several different things can cause an increase in your stomach pressure which then leads to acid reflux, heartburn or burping. And if you have a damaged esophagus, you're also going to have chest pains when your stomach gases reflux.

Some "temporary conditions" that can cause an increase in your stomach pressure are gastric or peptic ulcers, gastritis, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), H.pylori bacterium, being too acidic or eating a large meal. These conditions all increase stomach pressure and the increase in pressure forces your (LES) valve open, allowing you to burp!

Did you know that when you eat a large meal your food displaces the liquid contents of your stomach and causes the liquid level in your stomach to rise, which then increases your stomach pressure. You know that after a large meal, you burp sometimes, but it's not the " actual liquid contents" that reflux into your esophagus, is it?

If the liquid enters your mouth you will have a very acidic or sour taste, much like you experience when you vomit. But as you already know "it is rare to have the actual liquid contents reflux, but it's completely normal for your stomach gases to reflux

When acidic stomach gases reflux they can affect the larynx and cause hoarseness? They can even aspirate into your lungs and cause asthma-like symptoms? And did you know that if these asthma-like symptoms are misdiagnosed, you could end up being on asthma medication for life... when the real cause of your problem is only "refluxed gases" It happens!

Being a former sufferer of heartburn myself, I know exactly what your going through right now and just how much it can effect your life, it doesn't matter whether you are suffering from burping, bloating, acid reflux, stomach problems, hoarseness, asthma-like symptoms or chest pain I'm telling you these are only "conditions" that your body is going through at this present time. It's not something you have to live with, They are not diseases!

And I am very sincere when I say that, because 98% of the people that follow my program have completely cured their Heartburn, Gerd, or Acid Reflux...Forever!

Some folks suffer from H.pylori, which is a food or water borne bacteria that is present in the stomach and is believed responsible for 90% of peptic ulcers. But thanks to some natural antibiotics and these new discoveries, they're now free of pain...because they learned that there was a simple solution wasn't a disease after all, it was only a condition!

Your Digestive System!

The Digestive System First of all let's clarify one point about heartburn, acid reflux or gerd. They are not diseases any more than you would consider a headache to be a disease! Unless of course we are talking about "dis-ease" or a feeling of being "ill-at- ease!".

The truth of the matter is they are only temporary conditions that you can easily change, once you understand how your digestive system works.

Wouldn't it Be Nice To

If you answered YES to any of the above then there is absolutely no reason in the world why you can't take back your life, just by following the same course of action that 1000's of others just like you, already have, And I will show you how.

Here are just a few of the many emails I've
received! from former heartburn and acid reflux sufferers

Dear William,

I must thank you. Your simple methods in two days have fixed what 2.5 months of PPI's and numerous visits to a GP and Gastroenterologist couldn't

The Gastro said, "Don't worry plenty of people take PPI's for the rest of their lives, it's normal".

I can not believe this treatment is not used by doctors or more widely by the community, as I speak to many sufferers of heartburn who are on PPI's, H2 Blockers and Antacids long term.

May your methods be more wide spread and your business grow as you dserve it, as you are a true humanitarian

Thank you sincerely,
Aaron Smith

Dear William,

I can't thank you enough for all your information on this subject. I have been suffering from reflux and taking medication to treat this for nearly 10 years now.

I got your book in desperation as my condition had worsened over the last few months and leaving me with crippling chest and stomach pain and spasms.

As it had really started to effect my work I was desperate to try anything for some sort of relief. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I can never thank you enough. The treatment has cured my problems after a few days.

Thank you again.
Colin Watson

Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom

Click here for even more emails

Well the good news is that you really can experience the same relief from your heartburn, gerd, or reflux that all of these people (and 1000's more) have experienced!

The only thing these folks did was follow my guide lines, and they were able to identify the exact cause of their problems. And as they told you the rest was easy! They Were "Back To Their Former Health" and living Pain-Free again.

"Just Imagine" a New You....
Being able to eat anything you want without pain or discomfort. You can even have pizza and beer if you like, or Chinese or Italian...or whatever favorite food you have been avoiding. You'll be able to "eat again, and not feel the pain"!

Start Today and Take Control of Your Health

I have no idea of just how far your problems have progressed or the symptoms you are experiencing, but it is really not a good idea to sit back, and keep treating the symptoms while your health gets progressively worse.

The last thing you want to hear from your doctor is "Sorry your Barrett's Esophagus has developed into esophageal cancer and there is nothing I can do to help you."

If you want to feel good and live your life free from Heartburn (and spend less cash and pain in the process) and get your good health back.

You can keep doing what you have been doing and getting the same results, or you can change what your doing and put a stop to the pain and pill rollercoaster your on forever... It really is up to you.

Some Common Questions

Does this all-natural cure really work?
YES it does! It has work for 1000's of people like you who were doubtful, and found it hard to believe there really is a simple "drug free" natural cure for heartburn or acid reflux. And yes It will work for you to.

How safe is it?
Totally 100% safe. It is so safe you can even do it during pregnancy. It works with men, women, children and the sick and elderly. It is completely SAFE!

When will I start to feel better?
Almost Immediately, or within a day or two, you will experience significant relief of your symptoms. You will start to feel better quickly, and more importantly as the days go by you will feel a whole new glow of health, as you return to your former self. And your acid reflux and heartburn are only a distant memory.

Can I ever live a normal life again?
Absolutely, once you treat the root cause of your problems and correct any damage or problem your digestive system has. You can live your life pain-free again.

Can I stop taking my drugs while following your program?
YES! Many people stop taking their drugs right away when they start the program, others wait a few days. But the ultimate decision is up to you!

Will it stop my constant burping?
Of course, constant burping is a condition that is easy to correct. Once you understand the reason why you are experiencing this problem, then the solution is simple!

Why doesn't my doctor know this solution?
He really should but chances are that your doctor like many others has not had that much training in alternative methods, so he or she will prescribe meds to give you some relief.

What if I have questions regarding the program?
Simple! Just send me an email at support@cureyourheartburn. com or pick up the phone and call my toll free number 1-800-667- 4277
. You will find that my 25 years of knowledge is much more than your primary care giver has learned or knows about these problems.

What Do I Get?

Your 3 Free "Bonus ebooks"

The Healing Power of Water
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Value: $19.95 Yours Free,

The Back Pain Relief Book
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Value: $17.95 Yours Free

Lessons From the Miracle Doctors
A step-by-step guide to optimum health and relief from catastrophic illness.
Value: $21.95 Yours Free

I've put all of my research details into an easy to read ebook that you can follow and use to cure your heartburn and acid reflux problems. And I can't wait to share it with you especially if you are finally tired of doing all the things that you have been doing to find relief. It has worked for 1,000's of people already, and it will work for you.

Do You Have A Refund Policy?

I most certainly do!   A 60 day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee .
If I can't help you, I certainly don't deserve your money do I, It's that simple!

If you are ready to finally do something to Stop the damage that is happening to your body, then let me help you. Even if you're not quite sure, and still a little skeptical.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, William.

It's been 2 weeks now, and my pH levels are at a steady 7.4 or 7.5. Once or twice the level was lower, but then I knew I had eaten the wrong foods. I have been pain free for over 3 bloating and no gas ( YIPPEE!). I still pinch myself once in while just to check if I'm feeling so good or it's all in my mind..hehe. Thanks to you, I avoided having made a horrible mistake in having surgery.

With all my heart and mind, I want to give you my sincere thanks for all your help. God Bless you.

Mercy Alamillo

There are two different ways to obtain your copy

  1. Place your order online through our secure server, and have instant access to the information...Today! (The Fastest Way)!

  2. However if you are uncomfortable ordering online or don't have a credit card. send a check or money order for $20.00us to the address at the bottom of this site and I will airmail the book to you immediately. Your $20.00 will cover the cost of printing, mailing. Also included is a sample of pH paper and instructions to check your pH balance to see if you are too acidic or overly alkaline.

If just have nagging questions that need answers, or at any time you are having problems, Just send me an email To:


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Your Price Only   $20.00

Order now you'll be glad you did "I Guarantee it".

You really should take advantage of this genuine opportunity, that really has helped 1000's
of people just like you cure their heartburn, acid reflux, and gerd without drugs, exercise or diets.

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and I also look forward to helping you overcome your digestive problems. Lets get you back on the road to better health today. It isn't difficult once you understand how your body functions, and how to correct reflux problems when they arise.

Dedicated to your health

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William Lagadyn

P.S. It is a simple fact that Gerd, Heartburn and Acid Reflux can be stopped permanently. Once and for all, completely eliminated without pills or crazy diets, naturally and safely.

P.P.S. If your not happy with the results, your money will be completely refunded upon request. Your pharmacist doesn't offer a  60 day 100% money back refund   if you are not satisfied...but I do!


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